Frequently Asked Questions

The first visit will consist of a comprehensive evaluation. This will help Lisa clearly determine the source of your pain and/or dysfunction, allow assessment of medical and musculoskeletal influences of your symptoms, and provide the framework for establishing a treatment plan and goals. On subsequent visits we will reassess your problem and perform treatment as in our plan.

You and Lisa will discuss your progress and any changes in your symptoms at the start of the visit. Lisa will then do a brief reassessment followed by your treatment, which will likely include manual therapy (hands-on) techniques and therapeutic exercise to complement these techniques. You will be reassessed throughout your visit to determine the effectiveness of the treatment approach. Based on your response, the treatment will be continued or modified as needed.

Physical therapy is meant to reduce pain, not to increase it. Therapists assess many factors of pain, including the irritability and severity of your symptoms and the nature of your pain, which helps to establish the best therapeutic approach. Lisa will consistently ask for your feedback and observe your response to specific techniques to determine the most persuasive methods for restoring mobility and function, while decreasing your pain. In certain cases, patients are instructed on what kind of/level of discomfort is acceptable and how hard to push themselves.

Yes. Although Lisa does not directly dispense products, she recommends the following companies:

Call 310-628-4885 or email Lisa. You will need a prescription for physical therapy from your doctor.

Yes, Lisa can bill Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Medicare and a secondary insurance for you. There are other payment options also. Please see our insurance page.

Lisa's clinical space is within the Edgartown Health and Body Collaborative facility. You will be seen in a private room. We also have access to the fitness portion of the club, which allows Lisa to customize a program specific to your rehabilitative needs.

Edgartown Health and Body Collaborative
12 Mariners Way, Edgartown, MA 02539

Lisa travels to your home in any of these island towns: Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, Tisbury, West Tisbury and Chilmark.